waaaheycolin asked: Outlaw Queen "please come get me"


She has no right to ask him for anything. She knows this. But she’s slightly drunk and Ruby won’t actually let her leave the diner, proclaiming that the queen isn’t fit to walk alone at night back to her home after six glasses of straight bourbon.

Damn alcohol dulling her magic; she can’t even will herself to her home where she’s gone through her reserve of alcohol quickly in the month she’s kept herself sequestered. She refuses to call the Charmings, won’t call Emma.

She has no right to ask Robin for anything.

But there’s a phone shoved at her and Ruby’s wide eyes. “Talk to him. Now.”

Blinking slowly, Regina thinks she means Henry for some reason, and she takes the phone, words slipping and sliding into one other. “…s’Henry it’s fine, I’m go to bed.” She has no idea if she’s said anything coherent.

There’s nothing for a beat. “Henry?”

"I’m sorry, milady. Not Henry."

Her heart stops and speeds up all at once, mouth going dry as she shoots a look at Ruby and says the word that immediately comes to mind.


"You seem to be quite drunk, Regina. Ruby is concerned."

Regina’s going to kill that wolf as she curses silently though the glare at the other woman conveys the message quite well. “Don’t leave your wife and child. Not for me. Don’t.”


"I can’t do this, I can’t call you because I can’t have you, and you can’t do this.”

"She was simply worried." His voice is weary, and she wonders if he wants this call to end as badly as she does.

"No one worries. No one ever has. Don’t know what’s changed." Except she does; Emma fucking Swan brought back Robin Hood’s dead wife and now the entire town looks at Regina in a mixture of fear and pity as they wait for her to either crumble or kill.

"I do care, in spite of what you may think. This isn’t easy, but if you need me, Regina, I will be there."

His words make her stop, and she is drunk, too drunk, her judgment clouded and his words repeat over and over again. And then she can’t help herself.

"Please come get me."

She doesn’t wait for his reply, just pushes the phone back at Ruby. She’s angry and upset and doesn’t want to see him, but she also doesn’t think she could truly get to Mifflin Street without help. 

When she hears the door to the diner open, time stops for a moment while she drags her eyes to his, and there Robin is, concern and fatigue in his eyes.

"You’re here," she says dumbly, and he agrees that yes, he is, and then his hand is on the small of her back, helping her leave.

A part of her hopes she won’t remember this in the morning.

He picked up the rusting Handles which flickered into life; ‘Hello,Sweetie’ it said, using the phrase River Song usually employed to greet the Doctor. ‘Don’t call me sweetie,’ said the old Time Lord. ‘It is your preferred form of address,’ stated the Cyberhead. ‘If you’re a hot space lady,’ replied the Doctor. ‘You’re a metal head, how’s that going to work?’ ‘Spoilers’ responded Handles, using another of River’s phrases. ‘Stop it,’ said the Doctor.” [X]

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DC meme:  One quote (01/01) - Diana Prince and Bruce Wayne (JLA #90)

 ↳ Diana: “One more day. Can I have one more day?” 

   Bruce: ” Every one I have left. My life is yours. It always has been.”

“we think the colosseum
is beautiful
because we haven’t spent
a thousand years
watching it decay.
it’s the same with people -
it’s easy to love the pieces
you haven’t seen break.”

m.v., I want someone who will love every single version of me. (via findingwordsforthoughts)


I keep seeing these things floating around so I was inspired to make one for my Evil Panda.


Well I know reason #1

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