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Regina Mills Appreciation Week — Day 2: Favourite Scene

Last word from the Queen…

#aw my evil puppy#snow’s just like no lets take her home charming#and david is just ‘but she keeps trying to bite me!’#and snow’s doesn’t care and they take her home#but she keeps tearing up all the furniture#and david’s like ‘i told u so’#which snow always retorts with ‘but there’s good in her!’

Anonymous asked: omg if baby oil dissolves condoms what the fuck does it do to babies???


This may be shocking, but babies and condoms are made of different material

Once Upon A Fan - SDCC 2014 - Snippet of Regina/Sidney Sneak Peek - YouTube



Holy fucking shit balls it’s the Regina/Sidney preview

I don’t know why but I feel so much more comfortable after actually seeing it, I could definitely see it just being a dream/nightmare (the not getting my hopes up thing isn’t working out so well)

also, THE ACTING.. Incredible as always, I’m so excited for S4!!

Oh Sydney, you’re still such a sucker for her. Look at those eyes.




Celebrities taking the underground

What fucking subway is this

imagine just getting on a train and bam your fav celebrity is sitting there listening to miley cyrus and eating a burrito

all celebrities apparently take the R? why would you do that to yourself

Anonymous asked: OQ + "I may be bad, but I'm perfectly good at it" (S&M- Rihanna) :)


Regina runs her hand across her skirt, straightening it before she opens the door to Granny’s.  It is early in the morning, and the sound of her heels are loud against the tile floor as she takes a seat at a table, not a booth (she wants him to see her, she wants him to look, she wants her to see him looking).

She knows that they come to get breakfast early, before Marian goes to work at the hospital, before Roland goes to school.  It’s a habit that she can’t blame them for, as nearly for nearly half the town is in and out of this diner before 8am, collecting coffees and bagels and croissants and mumbling hello to their neighbors and giving her a curt nod, a polite Good Morning Miss Mayor before they’re out the door.  

Granny’s is a place to see and be seen, and Regina wants to be seen.

She crosses her legs, takes her time with the menu, doesn’t look up to see if he’s watching: she knows he is, because she can feel the tingling at the base of her neck when his eyes are on her, tracing the lines of her too-dark bra through the too-thin shirt she’s wearing (it’s the green one – his favorite).  Ruby stops by and she orders coffee and pancakes (she remembers making breakfast with him, the way that he dribbled syrup across her collarbone and how he licked it off slowly, savoring the taste).  When it arrives she drenches her plate with maple syrup, licking the excess off her thumb diligently– she doesn’t want to get her suit dirty, after all.

She hears the argument, the harsh words exchanged and the abrupt exit, the sound of the bells about the door ringing, of Roland whining that he didn’t finish his food, and there’s a part of her that feels horrible about what she’s doing.  She shouldn’t be destroying a family, not when she fought so hard to keep Henry.

But then she glances up, and finds Robin watching her from his booth with hooded eyes, slowly sipping his coffee.  She licks her lips, the lingering taste of syrup on her tongue making her remember the taste of him. 

She picks up her fork, and begins to eat.

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Untitled OQ AU (1/3?)



Many thanks to ninzied for her invaluable help on this.

“That Locksley boy is staring at you again, sis,” Zelena says haughtily. She throws red curls behind her shoulders, smooths her green vest, and cuts daintily into the eggs and kippers on her plate, glancing down the Slytherin table and across the nearly empty Great Hall to the much rowdier Gryffindors.

Regina swallows her pumpkin juice carefully, turns the spoon in her porridge. “Is he?” she remarks, her voice disinterested, “I hadn’t noticed.”

“Well, make sure you embarrass him as thoroughly in potions today as you did last week,” Evelyn chuckles darkly, shooting Zelena a grin. She has always had an ugly laugh, Regina thinks, and an ugly grin.

“That hasn’t been a problem yet,” Regina notes.

“It’s horrid, isn’t it, Regina, that Mudbloods like him can sneak their way into this place and steal what is rightfully ours.”

“Yes, horrid,” Evelyn answers for her, giggling. Zelena sends her sister a disappointed look, but lets it go. 

Their mother had sent her second daughter to school with a sinister and smiling threat on her life if she were to be sorted into any house but Slytherin, and the sorting had had known, had made the choice for her safety, but Regina is not meant for this, she has never wanted this.

“I left an assignment in my room,” Regina says suddenly, standing.

“Oh, do forget about it, dear.”

“It’s for Professor Aurum,” she says quickly, their Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher who has been known to cackle openly at students who attempt to turn in assignments late before taking away some absurd number of house points and placing them in week’s worth of detention. Zelena follows her sister’s gaze towards the Gryffindor table curiously.

“He’s in that class as well,” she says by way of explanation, “I’ve just remembered, he sits just behind me, and I wouldn’t want him to think—“

“Ah, yes, very well!” Zelena remarks, amused. “You must retrieve it then, of course.”

Regina nods, and forces herself to walk away calmly, her head held high, staring at nothing.

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this is literally so perfect i can’t even


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